Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Porter Preserve, Trevett, Maine, Boothbay Regional Land Trust


Activity: Hike/Walk

Address: Kimballtown Rd. Trevett, Maine (I used my gps by putting in the intersection of Kimballtown Rd. and Barters Island Rd. in Trevett, Maine.  From Barters Island Road I turned left onto Kimballtown Rd.  (It is a sharp left) Please go SLOWLY on this road.  It is narrow and there are homes here with families who allow their pets to be outside.   

You will then see this sign, which could be easily overlooked... turn left here and drive down a narrow dirt road to get to the parking area/kiosk. 

You will see this kiosk after passing an old cemetery. 

Parking: There is room for 3 to 5 vehicles, depending on how people park.  There is a private home next to the parking.  Remember to leave room for the landowners and respect their property.  We are lucky to have access to these places and want to make sure that continues!

Cost: Free!  (But I am sure the Boothbay Regional Land Trust would welcome donations to keep their preserves pristine if you were so inclined!)  

Bathroom Nope!  But there is an outhouse located on Knickerkane Island which is by the boat ramp you pass to get here.  May  be smart to stop there for a pee break before hiking! 

FMI: Visit the Boothbay Regional Land Trust for more information.   (Which also maintains Ovens Mouth Preserve, where I hiked this winter!) 

Notes:  I have paddled by Porter Preserve several times.  I am so glad I finally took time to walk here! This property is located where the Back River meets the Sheepscot River and the views are incredible!  This would be great for hikers of any ability!  I also think kids would like it!

I had plans to meet up with the Fit Maine Social Club to watch the sunset as we kept company with the seals and decided to get there early and finally hike Porter Preserve.  The trail is listed as being just over a mile.  I would say that the trail itself, if you stick just to the 'white trail' it is less than a mile.  I explored all of the little offshoots that went to vistas and I was under a mile and a half according to my fitbit.  

From the parking lot I went to the right.  This is a loop trail so you choose which way to start.  I think the views were better towards the end of the route I took... so I had saved the best for last!   The offshoots are marked by signs that say 'foot path' or small signs with arrows indicating trails or vistas.  My rule of thumb for this hike was, when coming to a fork in the trail, to stay right... because I felt like it would keep me walking along the water.  (the photos below are not necessarily in order!)

There was a great trail map at the kiosk. 

It showed where you could find Memorial Grove - a place to gather and reflect...


 The map shows all of the little offshoots I think you should explore them all!

 This is looking back at Back River. 

This cove has a great view.  I have paddled in here a few times, sometimes stepping out of my kayak to stretch my legs.  It is a great spot.  

There are a couple of these rustic benches in the preserve.  How would this be for a lunch spot or a place to read something from your summer reading list? 

 The trail is very nice.  And there are a lot of markers to keep people on the BRLT trails. 

I like that the roots of his tree grew up and over this rock... sometimes 'roots' suggest that they go down deep keeping us contained... I see this and think that our roots start where we are planted, but... as we meet more people and find more places our roots climb and expand... and make us stronger!  

Over or Under? Sometimes it is nice to have to make a decision that is that simple!  

 This area had a lot of shade, but the sun shines through the trees!

This was towards the end of the trail, looking up towards the parking area. 

Ferns... I love ferns...

Fern shadow... really caught my eye! 

The rocky coast...

You can just feel your blood pressure dropping! 

Porter Preserve is also a great vantage point to watch some of Maine's hardest working... our fishermen! 

After hiking... I went to Trevett Country Store. I have wanted to stop here to check it out... I have paddled by it multiple times, early in the mornings when the smell of bacon wafts in the air!

I was not disappointed!  I ordered a turkey sandwich and... the best part... a piece of blueberry pie!  
The pie was AMAZING!  One of the best blueberry pies I have had!  
and... it was $2 for the slice!  (Not kidding!)  If you are in this area stop in for pie! I would imagine their seafood is also delicious and think I will try to have that next time (before the pie) and may sit out on their deck to enjoy it.  This time I took my food and enjoyed it on Knickerkane Island, just down the road a bit from Porter Preserve.  (I was meeting other people to kayak and told them I would be at a picnic table at Knickerkane Island.)
mmmmmmm... eat dessert first! 

Here are a few pics of their menus... 

(My pie...and sandwich was $6 TOTAL!  What a deal!!  And the people there were super friendly! 

I drove back across this bridge , The Trevett Swing Bridge... is is an interesting bridge... if you research it!

Then... I met up with people from the FitMaine Social Club and we enjoyed the sunset from the water along with a couple dozen seals!  
It was always pretty cool to be on the water, paddling by Porter Preserve... but now that I have walked the trail at Porter Preserve... it was even more special! 

For my account of my kayaking portion of the day, click here
What a perfect summer day... hiking, paddling, AND BLUEBERRY PIE!

(A preview!) 

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Frisbee Golf - Westbrook

Activity:  Frisbee Golf

Address/Location: Sunset Ridge, 771 Cumberland St, Westbrook, ME 04092

Cost:$5 per person (WICKED GOOD DEAL!)  Plus $5 to rent discs if you need them!  (Apparently you can get fancy and use different discs for different throws... somewhat related to real golf, putter, nine iron etc... I know nothing about golf, except mini!)

FMI: Visit Sunst Ridge Online!  (They also have a pool and a pub! Oh... and real golf!)

Parking:  There is a good size lot here... people park on the edges then make a row of cars in the middle... seems to work, just make sure you can get out and others can get out! 

After you park, you head inside to pay and get your discs.  We paid right at the bar! (You go up the steps and right into that door under the upper deck. 

Notes:  Apparently you do not need a golf cart for frisbee golf!  That made me both happy and sad! (I think it would be hysterical to drive a golf cart... but then again driving a zamboni is one of my life goals!)  We completed a round of golf, nine holes, in under an hour!  (And that's not because we are so good we got our frisbees in the cage thingy so quickly!)  The course is set up well and we LOVED the extra markers to make sure we were in the right direction! 

I have heard of disc golf... but never played... I thought it would be pretty mundane to be honest... I mean... walking around tossing a frisbee, chasing said frisbee, tossing it again..chasing it again... etc... but, it is actually really fun!  Yes the premise is to throw then follow your frisbee to throw it again... but you have a target in mind...and obstacles.  But it is fun to see how you do, how others do, and to try to avoid hitting the obstacles with your disc...  like this! 

I was he newbie in the group! Both Wendy and Karen had played before.  (Both REALLY liked this course by the way!)  The concept is as simple as you would think...and similar to mini golf... you go to the tee area... throw your disc with the goal of getting it as close to the 'hole' as possible... then you pick up your disc and throw it again... each throw counts as a swing.  Each hole has a par... which on this course ranged from 3 to 4.  I cannot imagine ever getting a hole in one at disc golf, but... I am sure it has been done....

Here we all are... teeing off!  (WE all lifted our legs... I was the only one who did so for the pics!  Ha!)  Each of the 'tees' had this nice green 'turf' covered rectangle.. Apparently you can stand anywhere on it! You throw it any way you want to as far as you can and as close to your target as you can! 

 Each tee has a map to help show you where your hole is as well as the obstacles ,distance and par!

 This is what the holes look like!  The different color flags were helpful!

It is a pretty course and there were some shady areas that were great!

The 8th hole had trees and bushes to get through!  This was the only hole where we had to wait for the party ahead of us to finish... 

Waiting for the group ahead of us.. left time for some shenanigans... like... a water gun! 
It was a hot day, what better way to cool off than to be squirted with ice cold water?

Ohhhhh... and testing the wind direction... HA! 
Ok I have no idea how to account for the wind, but it seemed like the golfy thing to do! 

Grateful for long arms!!  Ha!  (I did get super close on one, not this close, and missed!)  

There was a sign to remind people driving into the parking lot to drive slowly because of golfers crossing... I thouhgt it was saying there were SLOW GOLFERS... so asked Karen and Wendy to walk slowly by the sign... they are good sports! 

Wendy was cracking me up! 

So my first experience with Disc Golf was A LOT of fun! 
I will do this again and again!  It is a great way to be outside and enjoying some friendly competition!  (Though next time I may get a little more serious and try to win!) And perhaps will buy my own discs!!!  (I mean $5 is not a bad price for renting, but... having your own discs... kinda cool!)

Oh... something else you should know... 
They also have a Pool! 
We did not use the pool today, but... this may be a place I go to some day with a good book!  

We did not check out the pub or the pub menu... but when I return I will get some pics and share them!  

And apparently they offer a lot of traditional golf stuff too... (complete with carts!)  

I do not know the owners, but have heard through the grapevine that they are great people, very community focused!  I know in the fall they host a trail run that raises money for a local charity... 

Check them out!